HerSensualSoul is a part-time non-profit pursuit based on a passion for providing holistic alternative approaches to women's personal satisfaction and wellbeing. The service is intended for like-minded individuals who believe in the merits of such approaches. Sessions are complimentary. 
The service is for women only. No men. No couples. No spectators. If you think this is something your significant other would enjoy, have her contact me herself, and we'll take it from there.

What can I expect during a session and what's expected of me?

How can I be assured this is safe?

Safety is, of course, a top priority -- mine as well as yours. That's why I insist we exchange a few emails and speak by phone prior to scheduling appointments.
If you're so inclined, you can tell a friend that you are reciving a massage and to check in with you before and after. You're also free to text or call someone when I arrive.


Sessions involve soft whispery sensual touch designed to awaken your passions and senses and prep your body for more focused attention.
You're expected to be 21 or older. Other than that, nothing. Just turn off your mind, lay back and open your body and soul up to a liberating, transformative experience. The session is all about you.


Do sessions go beyond the use of hands?

Why would I want to experience sensual touch therapy? What are the benefits?

Standard therapy is limited to manual touch. Professional grade massaging devices are also available. If you so desire, you may touch me. If you have something more in mind, feel free to ask, as sessions are tailored around your needs, wishes and desires.

​Sessions are typically done in the nude, but I can clothe to your comfort level.
Sensual touch therapy appeals to women of all ages for a wide range of reasons. Among them:

It can help satisfy your natural longing for touch and physicality if:

**you've been pouring untold hours and energy into your career at the expense of your sensual self.
**you're in a relationship where your needs are being neglected -- but you don't want to stray.
**you recently went through a breakup, miss intimate touch, but are not yet ready to date.

Sensual therapeutic touch can also:
**help rev-up low libidos and reawaken dormant intimate feelings.
**help you discover your body's potential for reaching peak pleasure – that has up to now eluded you.
**help you release built-up of tension with deeper, more intense and more frequent waves of pleasure.
**help you better understand your body's hot buttons – so you can communicate them to your partner.
**help you overcome negative associations, or regain confidence stemming from bad intimate experiences.

Additionally, it can:
**be an item to check off your bucket list if you are an adventurer seeking exhilarating new experiences.
**provide a safe, blissful "me-time" indulgence and escape after a long stressful day...or week...or month.

What if I'm shy and feel weird about communicating what I like?

While I feel it's my job to unlock the mysteries of your body within the session, you'll get the most satisfaction out of your session by letting me know what's working for you. And you don't necessarily need to be verbal. I'm very good at reading body language. And subtle signals like a wiggle or a moan are perfectly fine ways to convey your approval of certain modes of touch, or areas you'd like special attention paid to. All without ever saying a word.

Are you trained?

Yes, I am a trained masseur of 24 years and have studied Tantric Yoni massage technique. I have provided this service to enlightened ladies for the last 7 years. This tops a lifelong passion of providing sensual joy to the female form.

Why do you request guests' age, height, weight and cropped photos?

Before meeting guests, I like to get a sense of who they are on both a personal and physical level in order to provide more tailored service. I request some basic information upfront to also
ensure that the person who shows up is indeed the person who contacted me. Eventually, pix will be exchanged. G-rated, clothed and face-cropped pics are fine, but send what you wish.